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At intersections where international cultures meet, unique sounds spring into being, often creating categories that push the boundaries of traditions toward contemporary art. Virtuosic unison lines with a Balkan flare, contemplative melodies over ambient rhythms, and heavy-hitting grooves with smart and primeval horn lines are what you'll hear from Odd Shaped Case. Our focus distinguishes us--musical integrity, virtuosity and a chamber music sensibility. "As a result of their devotion to cultivating an organized scene for Balkan, improvised and electronic music, Odd Shaped Case now boasts some of the region's best musicians who regularly garner national and international acclaim from the likes of Tom Waits, John Zorn, and DJ Recloose," confirms East Bay Express.

Since 2001 Odd Shaped Case has released new recordings.

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New Releases

V/A, Springs re:makes and mixes of RF, OSC 2002
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The Toids, Unblocked Ears, OSC 1011
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